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Radiology Room

Radiology Room with Patient

Diagnostic Radiology Studies:

All of our technologists are registered and have many years of experience.


There are a multitude of body parts that can be x-rayed  at our facility.  These exams are done on a walk-in basis and generally have very little wait time; making it very convenient for the patient. Chest x-rays are the most commonly performed radiographs.


These can be ordered due to patients' symptoms; such as a cough, or for pre-operative evaluations.  Hands, feet, back, neck, hip, and everything in between can be radiographed as well.


All x-ray images are digital and are immediately sent to the radiologist for analysis and reading.  Additionally, all digital radiographs are sent to the referring physician for further interpretation.  This unique process allows for early treatment measures and better outcomes.

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