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Clinical Trials

Berkley Hills Clinicals' Staff

Berkley Hills Clinicals' Staff

Seated Dr. Sugalski, Sub-Investigator, Dr. Kastelic, Principal Investigator.

Standing: Mary Kelly, Study Coordinator, Crystal Long, PAC, Sub-Investigator, Dan Goncher, PAC, Sub-Investigator, Gwen Berardinelli, Site Manager, Cindy Davis, Study Coordinator.

For over a decade, Dr. Richard M. Kastelic & Associates has been leading the way in Clinical Trials with Berkley Hills Clinicals.

It has been proven that healthcare outcomes, both in quality of life and survival, benefit from research that includes Clinical Trials.

Being one of the most powerful tools of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, the National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Clinical Trials offer direct measurements of, not only, a medication's efficacy, but its interactions with other medications as well as many additional indicators.  Berkley Hills Clinicals has successfully performed Clinical Trials in diverse therapeutic areas.

Berkley Hills Clinicals is another example of our unique combination of healthcare services. The experienced staff of Berkley Hills Clinicals is at the forefront of breakthroughs in helping to develop tomorrow's medicine, today.

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