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Richard M. Kastelic, MD

Dr. Kastelic listening to patient's chest

It wasn’t long after I opened my own practice on Franklin Street, across from the, then, Mercy Hospital, that I noticed how my patients had to go to a hospital for their blood tests, to perhaps another place for their X-rays, and to still another location if they wanted counseling, and the list of where they had to travel was as long as the services they required.

With the help of key members of my staff, most of whom are still with me, I set about to create, not just a building of additional people to provide more services, but a “Medical Campus” a place where Doctors and other healthcare providers could see our patients, and, if necessary, discuss and collaborate on determining the best treatment options ensuring the best possible outcomes.

I wanted it to have physicians and other medical professionals of a variety of disciplines with an excellent support staff to assist in this higher level of care and services.

In December 2001, the first building was constructed on the site of the former Berkley Hills Grade School at 311 Warren Street.  It contained multiple Doctor’s offices and treatment rooms as well as a Blood Lab, and an Imaging Department that performs X-rays, ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, digital mammography, and bone dexa.

In November 2006, construction was completed on the Berkley Hills Medical Campus, located on the other side of the street at 322 Warren Street.

This newer site, in combination with the other conveniently located facility, was more of what I had in mind when I was back in my first office on Franklin Street.

Moving the Doctors and Physician Assistants to the new larger work areas allowed us to expand our staff.  Our blood lab was enlarged, moved to the new building, and became a full service CLIA laboratory known as the Berkley Hills Lab.

Taking advantage of the new space allowed our Imaging Department to expand its services as well as Preventative Care, that now includes nuclear cardio stress tests, echo cardiograms, and pulmonary function tests,

Dr. Kastelic testing reflexes

We also added Berkley Hills Clinicals, our Clinical Trials Division, that has taken part in studies from around the country for over a decade.

Our specialists include a Medical Psychologist, a Gynecology / Urogynecology specialist, a Podiatrist, and an opioid-free Pain Specialist.

I am proud to say that our Primary Care Physicians, Specialists, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioner, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals are all in the top of their fields.

Having recently added the most advanced Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) system available, waiting room times are shorter, while the time spent with your providers remains the same sufficient length.

As Berkley Hills Medical continues to develop and improve, we are thankful for the patients who have been with us from the beginning as well as those who join our healthcare family every day.

Please feel free to look around our website and learn more about Berkley Hills Medical.

If you’re not already a patient, call us today at 814.288.4498 and make an appointment.

Dr. Kastelic reading patient notes
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