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Primary Care

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Led by Berkley Hills Medical Founder, Richard M. Kastelic, MD, our Primary Care Physicians are among the very top of their field in the tri-state area.  Berkley Hills Medical's reputation as a Center of Healthcare Excellence is due to the Physicians and other Healthcare Providers with whom Doctor Kastelic has chosen to work.

While they all have records of academic achievement, it is in their everyday providing of the highest quality healthcare that they make the difference in their patients' lives.

Our practitioners like people and it shows in their day-to-day interactions with their patients and in the positive outcomes their patients achieve.

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Richard Kastelic, MD
Richard M. Kastelic, MD

Richard M. Kastelic, MD, founder of Berkley Hills Medical, The Villa, and The Villa Crest.

Dan Goncher, Jr, PAC
Daniel Goncher, Jr. PAC

A 15 year veteran of Berkley Hills Medical,  Dan likes “that we approach patient care as a team, and forming relationships of trust with our patients.”

John Schroth, PAC
John Schroth, PAC

Family Medicine at Berkley Hills Medical provides John Schroth, PAC "...the challenge of treating a variety of medical conditions."

Mark Maliki, M.D.
Mark M. Malicki, MD

Mark M Maliki, MD, is a veteran Berkley Hills Medical healthcare provider.  Click on his portrait to learn more.

Crystal B. Long, PAC
Crystal B. Long, PAC

Crystal Long, PAC has been providing healthcare at Berkley Hills Medical for 13 years.  Click her portrait to learn more,

Kevin Sugalski, DO
Kevin A. Sugalski, DO

A native New Yorker, Kevin Sugalski, DO, has found his home in this area and at Berkley Hills Medical.

Brooke Rhoades, PAC
Brooke Rhoades, PAC

Citing every area of the Berkley Hills Medical facility, Brooke says, "I could not ask for a more fulfilling or better place to work.”

Shadowed Image of Potential New Healthcare Provider
Is This Space for You?

If you are an MD, DO, PAC, or CRNP and meet the excellence level of our growing practice, please Click on the above image.

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