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Gynecology/Urogynecology - Philip A. Basala, DO

Doctor touching Parient's arm

After completing pharmacy school and working for two years as a pharmacist while engaged in graduate work in pharmacology–toxicology, he made the decision to become a doctor.  He said that he, "likes that Berkley Hills Medical offers a unique combination of healthcare services."

Dr. Basala, a former medical missionary in the Republic of Niger, Africa whose work was mainly for the repair of vesicovaginal and rectovaginal fistulas, likes Berkley Hills Medical's  multidisciplinary practice as knowledgeable staff members are always available.

​​“I love this area's open country, the decreased cost of living, the outdoors, and taking care of my flower garden and 17 acres.  I have started to naturalize the 17 acres by removing dead timber and planting native trees and plants to preserve that Pennsylvania habitat."


"I also have a motorcycle track next to my property.  I teach the local kids about motocross racing.  I was an avid motorcycle racer.  Still cannot give up the motorcycles, however. I think I still got it-my children (three daughters) laugh!”

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